We visualize insights in real time.

2DA is a software company and analytics lab developing decision support solutions for commodity supply & trading businesses.

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We are focused on solving complex planning & scheduling problems, and optimising the movement of commodities through the production & conversion value chains.

We deliver insight to support critical pre-execution decisions through visual data exploratory tools with cutting edge analytics capabilities.

We are a team of innovative mathematicians, engineers, and domain experts bringing together leading mathematical engines with modern, cloud-based web applications to give our customers a competitive advantage in operating their assets.

2DA is building a future where our customers will have an intimate view of their assets and markets. Not only to understand what happened, but to create insight on what will happen.

We believe that data driven insight should be rigorously focused on understanding patterns in data and calculating the probabilities of outcomes. Our approach eschews describing systems and processes in aggregates and averages.

We obsess over every data point, every outlier. Because in complex value generating systems, operating within the law of averages is for all the others.

Next-Generation Analytics for Downstream Oil Operations

Powered by blending intuitive data visualisation with real-time analytics, our first product BAYZYEN helps commercial & operational teams mitigate value loss and exploit opportunities by focusing on identifying, tracking, and monetizing optionality in their assets and obligations.

The ability for customers to dynamically model their system in the present, past, and future state creates agility to respond to operational events that require changes to schedules, movement orders, or new deals when the luxury of re-planning is not feasible.

BAYZYEN gives trading, scheduling and planning teams finally the means to simultaneously optimize volume movement and maximize value on the fly and in one tool.